Joining a Pool League

Fall is approaching and summer sports are winding down. Need something to do during the colder months? ¬†Join a pool league. You don’t need much, a pool cue, some spare time in the afternoons, and a place to play.
Before you get all gung-ho about joining, anybody will tell you that you will need some equipment to improve your ability. The most important piece of equipment is a decent pool cue. You need a decent pool cue because it will help you maintain a consistent shot. You will know what condidition the tip is in, and how it will react when you apply english.
Location is another thing to consider when joining a pool league. A place close to home is ideal if you end up shooting late and have to work early. Pool halls often offer leagues with many teams so you don’t have to travel to a different bar or even a different town.
When I lived in Wisconsin, the league season was quite long. That was the thing that bugged me the most. I loved to play, I still do, but it should have been broken into 2 seasons with a break. Make sure that you have the time to commit to your team before you join.
Joining a league with some friends makes it infinitely more enjoyable. It is something to look forward to during the week and can be very theraputic. When teaming up with friends, you also know how they shoot compared with strangers.
Joining a pool league can be a great way to break up the week and get out to have a bit of fun. If can be a great time to hang out with some friends you wouldn’t otherwise see during the week. So if you are looking for something to do over the colder months, try joining a pool league with a few of your friends.
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